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Get Comfortable Dental Care with The Wand

The Wand in Chevy Chase

Nervous about needles, but in need of local anesthesia before your dental treatment? Experience comfortable local anesthesia delivery with The Wand® at Smiles of Chevy Chase. This computerized dental anesthesia system provides Bethesda & Chevy Chase patients with relaxed and pain-free treatments.

Dr. Despina Markogiannakis and her team serve Chevy Chase, MD, and the surrounding areas with this convenient computerized system for local anesthesia delivery. Call 301-652-0656 today to learn more.

What is The Wand Computerized Local Anesthesia?

The Wand® by Milestone Scientific is an advanced method of delivering local dental anesthesia and an alternative to conventional local anesthesia injections. This computer-controlled system applies gentle vibrations and pressure to distribute anesthesia evenly under the gums and deeper to numb the area being worked on. The precision flow control of The Wand anesthetic injections allows your Chevy Chase dentist to customize the amount given for maximum effectiveness while enhancing safety and comfort before, during, and after dental procedures.

Benefits of The Wand Computerized Anesthesia

The Wand in Chevy Chase

This high-tech alternative to conventional local anesthesia offers significant benefits for patients at Smiles of Chevy Chase, including:

  • Enhanced Patient Comfort - The Wand produces less anxiety than traditional local anesthesia and provides virtually painless injections.
  • Fewer Injections Needed - Computer control targets precise areas for virtually painless injections.
  • Quick Onset - Local anesthetic delivered via The Wand starts working immediately with little to no residual numbness afterward.
  • Increased Safety - Computerized local anesthetic delivery provides custom control and reduces complications.
  • Wider Dental Procedures Allowed - This computerized system for anesthesia injection makes complex dental treatments possible with less discomfort.

Anesthetic Delivery With The Wand

The Wand in Chevy Chase


Your dentist first selects the appropriate disposable plastic tip based on the area being treated and attaches it to the handpiece. You’ll then receive a topical numbing gel on the gums at the site to prepare the surface tissues. This allows the tip to glide smoothly across for gentle contact.

Computer Positioning

Your dentist next uses the software interface to set injection parameters like flow rate and total dosage. The location is selected on a digital tooth chart and the automated system positions itself at the appropriate starting angle. Precision is enhanced by the visual overlay on the computer screen.


Finally, the numbing medication delivery begins. The handpiece gently vibrates as controlled micro-streams of anesthetic flow beneath the gums. Varying the pressure and speed distributes it evenly to precisely numb only the intended area. The full dose is delivered gradually based on the pre-programmed settings for optimal patient comfort.

Dental Procedures Performed with The Wand at Smiles of Chevy Chase

The Wand in Chevy Chase

The Wand's computerized dental anesthesia system facilitates a wider range of dental treatments with reduced anxiety and discomfort. The advanced delivery allows our dentists to perform procedures such as:

By precisely controlling and targeting the sensations in the mouth, The Wand gives patients a more positive experience even with complex dental work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Wand compare to traditional dental injections?

The Wand uses vibration and pressure to deliver streams of numbness versus painful needle pokes. This allows anesthesia to flow gently to the targeted area in small customized streams. There is little to no residual numbness afterward.

Is The Wand covered by dental insurance?

Most dental insurance plans cover some portion of The Wand service. Your dental team can verify your policy details during your appointment planning consultation to check on copays or deductibles that may apply. This advanced system carries a slightly higher fee but is well worth it for the comfort benefits.

Does The Wand completely replace needles?

In many cases yes, The Wand does completely replace traditional needles for anesthesia delivery. However, some more complex procedures may still require an additional and gentler needle injection which is made more comfortable after the tissue is pre-numbed by The Wand.

Can The Wand be used on children?

Yes, The Wand can be very effective for pediatric dental procedures. The gentler vibration delivery, rather than needles makes treatments much more comfortable for kids and teens. This reduces anxiety and stress levels for children getting fillings or other dental work completed.

Experience Advanced, Comfortable Dentistry with The Wand

Dr. Markogiannakis and the Smiles of Chevy Chase team invite you to relax with revolutionary computerized Wand anesthesia at our dental office. We also conveniently serve Somerset, Bethesda, Forest Hills, MD, and other surrounding communities. Call 301-652-0656 today to schedule your consultation, and experience the latest advancements in comfortable dentistry close to home. We look forward to painlessly brightening your smile with this innovative computerized system!

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